Pilsētas Francijs, mēs piedāvājam apmeklēt

This country is famous for its centuries-old olive groves, Flea Market and irreplaceable French cuisine. Welcome to the land of winemakers, have the chance to enjoy a glass of champagne and snack on mild flavours of French cheese. For its shape even the French call France Allen. Country is famous for its abundance of tourist attractions from the large bays at the coasts of Brittany and the limestone hills of Provence to the Pyrenees and Corsica canyon crescent bays, wooded valleys of the Dordogne to the soft meadows of the Loire valley and peaks of the Alps. Each region is unique with a distinctive architecture, cuisine traditions and dialects. In France you will forget to feel a sense of space: vast areas of forests and land is away from the main urban centers. Hundreds of towns and villages in France are liked by travelers, who miss peace, exceptional nature, a good rest and tasty food.

French residents themselves are holidaying in their own country - it only confirms that France is aristocratic recreation land, which can give amazing sensations and moments fade.

Northern France weather is unpredictable. Paris has a better climate, but it is rarely visited by heat and cold waves. Just south of the Loire weather is becoming much warmer.

Holidays are recommended in mid-July in France, because after the start of the season it is a mass holiday traffic craziness, so it gets really difficult to get from one place to another. Ski lovers should not forget the winter holidays in schools, because at that time the ski slopes are packed with students.

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